19 Heartfelt Twitter Apologies From One Celebrity to Another (PHOTOS)

19 Heartfelt Twitter Apologies From One Celebrity to Another (PHOTOS)

Thanks to social media, we have become more connected with the everyday thoughts of the actors, singers, and celebrities we love to follow. Unfortunately for them, a simple tweet-gone-wrong has made it all the more easy for fights to start and drama to ensue. But Twitter can also be a great platform for celebrities to apologize in the most earnest of ways.

These 19 celebrity Twitter apologies prove that social media can be used to do some good, in particular to mend relationships with a genuine apology.


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  • Guiliana Rancic to Zendaya Coleman


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    After Giuliana Rancic insulted Zendaya's dreadlocks during an episode of Fashion Police after the 2015 Oscars, saying they made the young singer seem like she smells of patchouli (a reference to pot smoking). As a result she was accused of racism. She quickly apologized saying, "Dear @Zendaya, I'm sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!"

  • Kanye West to Taylor Swift


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    "Imma let you finish" became one Kanye West's most quotable phrases after he interrupted Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech at the 2009 awards show to priase Beyoncé. But since then, he has expressed his regret many times—even tweeting a simple "I'm sorry Taylor" in 2010.

  • Jared Leto to Taylor Swift


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    After a video leaked of 30 Seconds to Mars' singer Jared Leto dissing Taylor Swift, he took to Twitter to dispel any negative thoughts. "The truth is I think @taylorswift13 is amazing + an incredible example of what's possible. If I hurt her or her fans my sincerest apologies," he tweeted.

  • Drake Bell to Caitlyn Jenner


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    This former Nickelodeon star faced backlash after tweeting rude remarks about Caitlyn Jenner. Eventually, he took back his careless comments and apologized by tweeting, "I sincerely apologize for my thoughtless, insensitive remarks. I in no way meant to hurt or demean those going through a similar journey."

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  • Bette Midler to Ariana Grande


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    When actress Bette Midler name-called Ariana Grande in an interview, the young singer responded by saying she always loved the actress's feminist work. Grande's response must have struck a chord with Midler, who apologized, "About my screed on @ArianaGrande, all I can say is, "Spoken like a reformed old whore! She does have a beautiful voice, on a couch or off."

  • Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj


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    When Nicki Minaj wasn't nominated for Video of the Year at the 2015 VMAs, she took to Twitter to comment on racism in the industry. But Taylor Swift thought the rapper was insulting her, and later apologized for her mistake saying, "I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I'm sorry, Nicki."

  • T.I. to Hillary Clinton


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    This rapper angered many when he expressed his view that a woman shouldn't run for president — especially at a time when a woman is running for president. He recently apologized on Twitter: "My comments about women running for president were unequivocally insensitive and wrong. I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended."

  • Kelly Osbourne to Lady Gaga


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    After Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself and Sharon Osborne with a birthday cake for Kelly Osbourne, the lavender-haired Kelly took offense that Gaga wouldn't just send her the cake directly. She tweeted a number of insults before eventually settling down, saying, "I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I don't want 2 fight anymore."

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  • Courtney Love to Frances Bean Cobain


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    Is a tweet better than a phone call from mom? Courtney Love took to Twitter to apologize to her estranged daughter after believing that Kurt Cobain's former band mate, Dave Grohl, had been hitting on her. "Bean, sorry I believed the gossip.. Mommy loves you," Love wrote.

  • Zach Braff to Pharrell


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    Scrubs actor Zach Braff thought he was funny when he compared Pharrell's Grammys outfit to the uniform of a flying monkey in Oz the Great and Powerful. Instead, people took his comment as racist and he tweeted in response, "I love Pharrell. I thought the outfit he wore was similar to that of my bell hop outfit in Oz. I apologize."

  • Kanye West to Beck


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    Clearly, Kanye West has a lot of opinions when it comes to awards shows. After Beck won Artist of the Year at the 2015 Grammys, West almost stormed the stage. He held back, but later expressed his anger that the artist won — but he eventually apologized, tweeting, "I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck."

  • Charlie Sheen to Kim Kardashian


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    This actor went on a Twitter rant against the reality star for supposedly refusing to sign a fan's autograph. He later apologized, staying that he was letting his anger out unfairly. He tweeted: "Dear Kim, my extreme bad. really embarrassed by my actions. I was already pissed about some other crap that had nothing to do with you. I heard a story that bothered me. Wrote some trash you didn't deserve. Ever."

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  • Shia Lebeouf to Daniel Clowes


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    Shia Lebeouf took inspiration from a comic by Daniel Clowes for his short film HowardCantour.com, but he didn't ask permission first or give credit. He eventually apologized for his plagiarism, tweeting, "I'm embarrassed that I failed to credit @danielclowes for his original graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, which served as my inspiration."

  • Amy Schumer to Khloe Kardashian


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    When comedian Amy Schumer made a joke about Khloe Kardashian's recent weight loss, the reality star took it the wrong way. But Schumer was quick to make amends, tweeting, "Nothing but love for that family. I like the idea of sending women the message to be happy in their own skin."

  • Kris Humphries to Caitlyn Jenner


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    Soon after Caitlyn Jenner came out, Kris Humphries tweeted a statement about being glad he got out of the family beforehand. He later revoked the tweet, apologizing, "I have and always will support Bruce hence #Gottadoyou. Now recognize I was too vague and sincerely apologize for the way this came across."

  • Jimmy Fallon to Michele Bachmann


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    When The Roots played the song "Lying A— B—" for Michele Bachmann's intro on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon had to apologize for his band's poor choice: "I'm honored that @michelebachmann was on our show yesterday, and I'm so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back."

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  • George Lopez to Kirstie Alley


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    Kirstie Alley and George Lopez found themselves in a Twitter battle after Lopez called the actress a pig. Eventually, the actor backed off and apologized with a tweet: "I misjudged the joke. No malice was intended and I apologize to Kirstie."

  • David Arquette to Courtney Cox


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    In a very candid interview with Howard Stern, David Arquette opened up (a little too much) about his split with Courteney Cox. He later realized that his words hurt others and he apologized on Twitter: "I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I’m experiencing but while doing that I shared too much….it’s alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled."

  • Rashida Jones to John Travolta


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    The Parks and Rec actress made a joke about John Travolta's sexuality, but quickly realized her words could be hurtful. She apologized, "Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta. I sincerely apologize. Nobody's personal life is my business."

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