Kate Middleton Is Trying to Woo Adele to Sing at Her Birthday Party

The Duchess of Cambridge clearly has amazing taste when it comes to music, because one of the most talented voices of her generation is reportedly considering serenading her. That's right, folks, Adele is apparently mulling over an offer to sing at Kate Middleton's birthday party — talk about an offer you can't refuse.


Kate will turn 34 on January 9, and a birthday bash is being planned at Anmer Hall, the royal couple's home in Norfolk. According to a source, Kate is a big, big fan of Adele's and has been ever since the British singer released her first album, 19. The fact that Adele recently released 25 proved a happy coincidence, because it meant Kate could feel more comfortable asking Adele if she wouldn't mind making a pit stop at their mansion to sing a few songs in front of royal guests.

The way the source tells it, Kate went all out to try to woo Adele — she reportedly asked her personal assistants to contact the star's management team. She is planning on hosting a small, intimate gathering with family and friends and would love it if Adele would agree to sing acoustic versions of some of her new material, as well as a few classics.

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No word yet on whether the 27-year-old singer has agreed to make an appearance at Anmer Hall, but why the heck would she turn down the awesome offer to hang with Kate, Prince William, Prince Harry, and the rest of the gang? She must feel incredibly honored to know she's at the top of Kate's playlist.

This isn't the first time Kate and Will have inspired musicians to stop whatever they're doing and perform a concert in their honor. Artists from Taylor Swift to Bon Jovi and Ellie Goulding (who sang at the couple's wedding) have had the opportunity to party with them — I can't imagine Adele passing up this once-in-a-lifetime chance.


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