Billy Eichner & Will Ferrell Spread Holiday Cheer by Yelling at Strangers (VIDEO)

billy eichner, will FerrellFans of the hilarious -- and hilariously loud -- Billy Eichner know that the comedian will stop at nothing to provoke innocent passersby on his show, Billy on the Street. But his latest skit is even more in-your-face than most, because Eichner teamed up with the also-very-loud Will Ferrell, and they both wore Christmas pajamas. Consider it an early holiday gift!


In typical Billy on the Street fashion, Eichner and Ferrell ran around NYC like a pair of merry lunatics quizzing unsuspecting pedestrians on various seasonal topics, such as which is best: gold, frankincense, or myrrh, and which is a better movie: Scrooged or Elf. (Spoiler alert: Will Ferrell was NOT happy with the answer they got to that last one!)

Check it out: 

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It's an instant holiday classic! But I've gotta say: What's up with that guy refusing the bale of hay?? I would TOTALLY keep a bale of hay gifted to me by Will Ferrell and Billy Eichner. (To be fair, I might also consider selling it on eBay, but I would at least accept it initially.)

Also, myrrh is definitely better than gold or frankincense. A dollar for me!


Image via Billy on the Street/YouTube

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