Melissa McCarthy's Holiday Ads Are About More Than Just Cute Clothes (PHOTOS)

Melissa McCarthy Seven7The Melissa McCarthy Seven7 holiday collection is now available, and in typical Melissa McCarthy fashion, she's promoting it with a super cute, super fun photo shoot. Melissa looks gorgeous, but more importantly, she looks happy, confident, and full of life. And that matters. A lot.


The vast majority of women in our culture aren't 20-year-old, size 2 supermodels. (Obviously.) Yet, despite some gains in the realm of body acceptance, the vast majority of clothing lines and fashion magazines alike act as if we should be.

And here, in the middle of all that nonsense, is Melissa.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 holiday

You know what I see when I look at these photos? A vivacious, beautiful, stylish woman, who also happens to have ... a great sense of humor. She looks like she's having so much fun! I don't look at these photos and think "plus-size fashion" -- I just think "fashion." 

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 holiday

I don't see a woman who feels ashamed of having to shop in a certain department. I don't see a woman who feels uncomfortable with her body, or like she has to hide behind the buffet table at the holiday party -- or put a pillow on her lap to cover up her tummy. I don't see a woman who feels bad that she doesn't fit into last year's party dress, or who feels "guilty" for eating a Christmas cookie. I don't see a woman who thinks she has the wrong legs for high heels, or the just plain wrong body -- full stop. And I don't see a woman who believes that she doesn't deserve to wear bright lipstick, to feel pretty, and to stand in the spotlight.

So many of us know what it's like to feel at least some of those things. But Melissa, by designing a line of stylish, flattering clothes that range from size small to 3X, is showing us by example that we don't have to. We can all be having this much fun.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 holiday

Melissa recently told People that her long-term goal is to have Melissa McCarthy Seven7 featured on the "regular" floors of stores within five years -- not hidden away in some weird "other" department. "There’s no reason for those divisions to be there," she said. "It’s shaming, it’s categorizing, and it’s just unnecessary."

It absolutely is.

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What IS necessary? More women who know they look this great!

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 holiday

Check out the collection for yourself at And if you need a little splurge justification, remind yourself that by shopping from there, you're supporting the venture -- and message -- of this awesome woman. Happy holidays, indeed!


Images via Brian Bowen Smith

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