Kate Middleton Steps Out in Coat Everyone Is Freaking Out Over (PHOTO)

kate middletonAs if Kate's new drastic haircut wasn't enough, the princess has gone and dazzled us again, this time with a gorgeous black-and-white houndstooth coat with the most darling collar. Kate's coat is going to be one of this winter's must-have items.


The coat is from one of Kate's favorite stores, Reiss, and retails for around $490. I suppose that's not too bad for a winter coat ... I mean, maybe it will go on sale ... or there will be another one a bit cheaper for us commoners. That houndstooth print, which originates in Scotland, feels very regal (or punk, depending on how you style it) -- and it's one the princess clearly admires having worn it before. But this coat? Brand-new.

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kate middleton

Love it! Under this coat, Kate wore a gorgeous teal dress -- I love the pop of color under houndstooth. She was at the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies as part of her work with the charity Action on Addiction. But the coat stole the show, even overtaking her new haircut ... which is now so yesterday.

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That collar is adorable, and I love the flat front and the straightness of it. It looks lovely on Kate, who -- let's be honest -- always looks perfectly put together.

I can't imagine the pressure she must feel being a princess with a fashionable reputation. Every outfit she wears will be scrutinized. But Kate clearly knows her personal style -- she's confident in what she wears and sticks to what she is most comfortable in. That's her secret. And that's why she's such a fashion icon.

Houndstooth for all now, please!


Images via James Whatling/Splash News

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