Prince William Calls Kate Middleton Out for Being a Big Flirt

There's nothing stuffy about the royal couple, who have no problem calling each other out for the sake of a good laugh. At a recent charity event, Prince William joked that Kate Middleton was flirting with a man over the phone while the two were making calls to help stock brokers close deals with traders.


It seems Will has been watching one too many movies, because the 33-year-old prince leaped at the chance to get on the telephone with traders for ICAP 23rd annual Charity Day in London and encourage them to make big deals. He even reportedly got into character in a major way, telling one trader, "Is that all, James? Is that all you can do?!"

Kate, meanwhile, was more demure and polite in her telephone style, opting instead to greet callers with a lovely, "Good morning, how are you?" before asking them to make bigger deals. When Kate proved to be spending a little too much time on the phone with one trader, Will couldn't help himself and quipped, "Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now!" He then told a trader standing next to him, "Sorry, my wife is just embarrassing me!"

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And that wasn't all. Ever imagine what the duke and duchess look like when they're competing against each other in ping-pong? Well, thanks to the team at ICAP, which set up the office so that it resembled a sports arena, complete with an area where the royals could shoot hoops and a ping-pong table, this delightful footage of the two playing the game was caught on camera and posted on Twitter -- and as you can see, there's no end to their delightfully competitive nature.

Kate and Will seem to be having more fun in each other's company than ever before -- and it's beautiful to watch them settle into parenthood, while retaining that magical part of their relationship that started it all. They seem to be making an effort to attend more charity events together, and this time together appears to have strengthened their union.

And let's not gloss over the fact that these two are as down-to-earth as you can get. William's sense of humor and Kate's modest and humble nature helps everyone around them -- everywhere they go -- feel at ease in their presence. It seems like, every day, they're learning how to become an even better couple.


Image via Splash News

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