Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Already Fear for Baby Saint's Safety

Snagging that first image of a celebrity baby can mean big bucks for paparazzi, which is why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are scared Saint's photo will be taken. The couple wants his first image released on their terms.


Of course, it also wouldn't hurt if the famous pair scored big bucks of their own for selling the coveted photo to a glossy magazine.

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Kim and Kanye are reportedly taking all kinds of crazy precautions when it comes to protecting their little guy to ensure his photo isn't taken. They're also concerned the mere sight of Saint could cause a mob scene of photographers trying to get what would literally be the money shot.

Personally, this is why we think they should have already snapped a family selfie and posted it to Instagram. Paparazzi would obviously still be interested in getting snaps of the little guy, but it would eliminate the mayhem of being the first. Plus it would be a good look for Kim, who is so often accused of doing just about anything for a buck.

We get that they want to make Saint's introduction to the world a really special one, but they can still do that while sharing a quick pic across social media just to calm everyone down. Trust us, everyone already thinks this is one special baby no matter how we see him for the first time.


Image via Splash News

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