Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton Dating Rumors Are Too Good to Be True

pippa middleton boyfriend nicoWhile we are still in a little bit of shock over Kate Middleton's haircut, new royal news puts things over the edge. It has been reported that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have been secretly dating for three months and sneaking around the palace to be together.


I am quite skeptical of this news, though I would love it to be true. It is also rumored that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Kate are not down with this idea at all. So is there any truth to it? Is everyone just so upset that Pippa and Harry have no choice but to keep it all a secret?!?

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Not so sure. This may be just a case of having two very attractive and unmarried people who know each other and spend a lot of time together because of their families and everyone just assuming that there is a secret romance there. But a mysterious inside source has some juicy details of what supposedly has happened.

The source told OK! magazine that because Pippa and long-term boyfriend Nico Jackson (the guy pictured with Pips above) broke up, she sought some company in the arms of Prince Harry. Hey, I would too if I were her! Apparently there have been some love vibes between them for quite some time and so they finally honored their chemistry. Harry reportedly made her dinner and they ate by candlelight while listening to some smooth grooves on the stereo. She supposedly stayed over until 3 a.m. and then had a royal chauffeur whisk her home. And that was just the first date of many. If this is true, who could blame her for wanting more dates?!

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Here's the real clincher -- during one of these secret dates, Prince William caught Harry and Pippa in some sort of "embrace" because Wills has the key to Harry's house and just walked in one day when she was there. Now it's starting to sound like a telenovela.

So while I'm not sold that any of this is true, I will buy into the fantasy that Pippa and Harry will get married someday and give the whole royal family situation a bit of spice it really needs.


Image via DFF/Splash News

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