Anna Duggar Says She Couldn't Believe Josh's Cheating Scandal Was True (VIDEO)

Ever since Josh Duggar's cheating scandal broke last summer, we've been waiting to see what his lovely bride will do. While she hasn't made a decision about her marriage yet (at least not publicly), Anna Duggar is finally speaking out about what it was like to find out that her hubby had been unfaithful.


Good Morning America premiered a clip from Jill and Jessa Duggar's upcoming 19 Kids and Counting spin-off, and from the looks of things, Anna felt what probably any of us would feel in her situation.

The mom of four shared, "I was just like, 'I'm gonna wake up and this is going to be okay, and this really ... this can't be true.'"

The whole family had already been put through the wringer just months earlier, when news broke that Josh had molested five underage girls as a young teen in the early 2000s, including four of his own sisters. The family had known about it, and believed Josh had been reformed from his sexually deviant ways, and they all stood by him in the public backlash, including the cancellation of their reality show.

Although no one has a right to be more upset than Anna about Josh's infidelity, it did affect his sisters in a devastating way too. Before he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly to downplay the molestation that had occurred when they were girls.

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In Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Jill confesses that she felt betrayed by Josh for letting her do that interview. "It wasn't right for him to let us speak our words without having full knowledge of what he was hiding," she shares.

She's right -- he was a total cad to let his sisters speak on his behalf while he knew full well that he had been the "biggest hypocrite ever." I'm glad the girls are speaking out about the pain that Josh put them through -- hopefully it will help them get through some of the anger and begin to heal.


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