Prince Harry Is Rumored to Be on Tinder -- Swipe Us Right, Baby!

Expect the number of female Tinder users to explode after this rumor makes the rounds: Prince Harry is reportedly using Tinder to find dates, at least according to a comedian, whose on-stage joke has everyone wondering whether romance with the young prince is just one right swipe away.


Jack Whitehall hosted the Royal Variety Performance, where the comedian revealed that Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin both have crushes on Prince Harry and that the 31-year-old royal should log onto his Tinder account so that he could try to date the women from the band Little Mix. Sounds like nothing more than a silly joke, right?

Well, loads of women are reportedly taking the comment to heart and have been using Twitter to ask anyone if they have any -- and I mean any -- information at all in connection with Harry and a possible Tinder account.

It seems Harry was in on the joke because he was spotted in the audience giggling at Whitehall and, probably, at the very idea of a prince using a dating app to find love. Stranger things have happened in life, for sure, but if Harry were using Tinder, wouldn't some lucky lady have let the cat out of the bag by now?

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Also, can you even imagine how many messages Harry would have to comb through on Tinder? No woman in her right mind would swipe left -- as long as she could recognize him as royalty, of course. And even if she couldn't, Harry is looking pretty foxy lately, especially with that beard.

In conclusion: there is absolutely, positively no way Harry is on Tinder -- or OKCupid or or any dating site or app. When he feels frisky or lonely, he simply has to rely on the powers invested in him as a hot prince and take about, oh, five seconds out of his day to locate and hook up with a woman who interests him. Then, I'm imagining, comes the challenging part: trying to convince her to keep things under wraps so the paparazzi doesn't go crazy.

Come to think of it, Tinder is probably an excellent option for Harry.


Image via Retropix/Splash News

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