Kate Middleton Shows Off a Sassy New Haircut (PHOTO)

kate middletonPrincess Kate Middleton cut her hair! And this time she chopped off more than just some long bangs -- she took several inches off her trademark locks and it looks fabulous.


Before we get a full look at the princess's haircut, let's remember how it used to be. I call it Victoria's Secret–model long. Here she is before:

kate middleton

And after:

kate middleton hair cut

The Duchess of Cambridge at #ICAPCharityDay representing her charities Place2Be and SportsAid.

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Stunning! I'll admit that when I heard the Duchess of Cambridge got a haircut, I was worried. I am not a big fan of change, especially drastic change in the beauty department. Though I recognize it's often necessary and needed. But a haircut? Of this magnitude? Unexpected for the princess. Because Kate is Kate, she pulls it off perfectly. It's a gorgeous cut and she still has that incredible shine and bounce that her hair always has -- maybe even more now.

Kate debuted her new hair at ICAP's Charity Day in London where she worked the phones with Prince William as they raised money for the charities SkillForce, SportsAid, and Place2Be.

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While it's not quite a bob, Kate's hair is really close -- and I'm wondering if she's considering that major of a cut, and if this is just baby steps on the way to that look. It's hard to imagine the princess without those long locks, but then again, it was hard to picture her with long bangs. When she surprised us with that look, we loved it, too.


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