Kim Kardashian Takes Baby Saint Home to Kris Jenner's House

Well that's not exactly what we were expecting. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have taken their new son home from the hospital, but they apparently have taken Saint to grandma Kris Jenner's house.


In all fairness, it could be because they are still busy gold-plating his nursery and encrusting it in diamonds. You know, the normal thing for parents who name their newborn Saint.

Just kidding. I hope.

Anyway, according to reports, the couple's home is being remodeled, so they're staying with Kim's move until the renovations are complete. They did the same thing after North was born over two years ago, and honestly, it seems to suit them.

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They're intensely guarded about keeping their kids out of the public eye until they choose to reveal them to the public, so it makes sense that they'd want to be somewhere where they could get help from family, instead of mostly relying on nannies or other caretakers.

Hey -- you never know who's going to leak a picture to make a quick buck.

Besides, I can only imagine how much Kris is enjoying being a grandma for the fifth time over, and watching Nori bond with her first sibling. A source told Us Weekly that the toddler is already "in love" with Saint, and Kim and Kanye are just so glad he's finally here.

Hopefully being at Kris's house means they'll all be able to get some rest too -- having a baby is hard work, and Kim had a complicated delivery. Doesn't every woman want her mama after something like that?


Image via Renato Marzini/Splash News

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