7-Year-Old Beyonce Is Flawless as She Belts Out ‘Home’ From ‘The Wiz’ (VIDEO)

Let's face it -- Queen Bey has been perfection since childhood. At just 7 years old, Beyonce wowed a crowd at a talent competition with her rendition of "Home" from the musical The Wiz.


At Houston's Sammy Awards, she performed the song as fearlessly as the legends (including Whitney Houston and Diana Ross) who came before her have performed it.

She was the previous year's winner of the competition, returning in a sequined blue dress and red bows to belt out the iconic song. She didn't miss a beat.

Can you believe those pipes at such a young age? Of course most successful musicians have a natural affinity for song, but it takes years of training for the majority of them to develop talent like this.

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It's hard to believe this little girl is all grownup now with her own darling daughter, but it's not hard to see why she made it big. Now we're just all wondering if Blue Ivy will ever take the stage -- after all, she has both Bey and Jay Z's genes.

I guess only time will tell if she follows in her parents' super-talented footsteps.


Image via Annie Atlasman/Press Line/Splash

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