Sorry, Kardashian Fans -- Saint West's Birth Won't Be Featured on TV

kim kardashianWe may be waiting a long time until we get to know Saint West, the newborn son of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. There is reportedly no delivery room footage, so Kim's birth of Saint will not be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


While I am slightly disappointed I won't get to see how adorable he is, I fully support Kim and Kanye keeping Saint off TV for now. This is their time as a family -- and even though they are very much in the public eye (mostly thanks to their doing), there are some times that are sacred. I mean ... he is Saint. Besides, birth is a very private and beautiful thing -- and Kanye is such a private person, right? Well, sometimes.

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I completely understand how Kim would want that moment and that time to be something only she and Kanye share. I also really feel for her because it was reported that she had placenta accreta again, and that it was a painful experience. Scary stuff. Sending well wishes to the new mama.

I would think that maybe we'll get a photo or two shared on social media sometime in the next week or so though. Just a glimpse -- a carefully chosen and edited glimpse of Kim's first moment with her sweet little Saint. I wonder if they will call him Sainty? Say-say? Okay, maybe just Saint. 

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Big sister North wasn't paraded around on TV when she was born either. It was only after she was a year old that they allowed her to be on KUWTK for special episodes only. Aww! North is a big sister now! I love that the Wests are keeping quiet for now and taking the time to bond as a family. It's the perfect time to nest.


Image via EC photo/Splash News

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