25-Year-Old Jana Duggar Isn't Yet Married & Fans Are Freaking Out

We've been so busy with Josh Duggar's scandals, not to mention Jill and Jessa Duggar's new babies and upcoming TLC special that Jana has sort of fallen of our radar. She was brought to the forefront again this week, when a seemingly innocuous photo was posted to the family's Facebook page, and commenters came out in droves to comment on the eldest Duggar daughter's single status.


Only in Duggar World can 25 be considered a spinster! Jana and John-David are the second and third oldest children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and their first set of twins. So far the 19 Kids and Counting couple have three married kiddos: Josh, Jill, and Jessa.

Because Jana is a girl, and her twin is guy, obviously people are obsessed with her marital status with much more fervor than his. Of course.

Anyway, the photo in question that brought us back to worrying about the "Cinderella Duggar" was pretty cute. The pretty blonde was in an arm-wrestling match with her 14-year-old brother James, and the caption was a playful, "It looks like Jana is going to win this one!"

It looks like Jana is going to win this one!

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Thursday, 3 December 2015

Obviously all she does is nanny for the younger children -- hence the nickname "Cinderella Duggar." There was also an episode where she was reviewing times tables with one of the kiddos, and she's been seen in social media pictures holding her various nieces and nephews.

Some commenters encouraged her to get out and pursue a higher education. One casually remarked, "Such a pretty girl! College would look great on her."

But there were also a lot pushing for her to "escape" the Duggar household and set up her own. "Jana is beautiful so ready for her to move out and find a man and get married !!!!! Love her," said one reply, while another read, "Past time for her to marry ... I'm sure she’ll be the next new one married and pregnant."

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Whoa. They want Jana to escape a life of staying home and raising children by ... staying home and raising children? I'm confused here.

Look, college is great, and I'd love for every person to go, but some people just aren't into it. Maybe she's escaping crushing student loan debt? Now that's just responsible. As for not finding her own hubby to procreate with -- she hasn't found the right one yet. I'd be more concerned if the Duggars were marrying all their daughters off the moment they turned 18.

As for now, maybe Jana just like helping out with kids that she can hand back to their parents. That's hardly something I can judge her on.


Image via TLC

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