You'll Never Guess Why Kim Kardashian & Kanye Chose the Name 'Saint West'

kim kardashianEveryone knew that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby boy would have a unique name -- and a unique name he has indeed: Saint West. Of course, now that the baby name has been revealed, everyone is wondering why Kim and Kanye chose Saint for a name. The answer will surprise you. 


Let's seriously hope this isn't true, but according to a source, Kim and Kanye picked the name Saint because they literally think he's the second coming. Yes. This is actually what's being reported. Evidently, a source told RadarOnline that, since the baby's due date was originally December 25, he "must be the second coming of Christ."

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The "insider" goes on to say that Kim and Kanye "honestly believe that they are some divine couple that has been brought to earth." It's certainly no surprise that Kim and Kanye both have inflated egos -- and are religious -- but it's puh-retty difficult to buy this one. The second coming? Dude. How out of touch could a person possibly be? 

Kim and Kanye, no doubt, think their new addition is incredibly special and perfect in every way, so, to them, of course a name like Saint would be fitting. But, regardless of their opinions of themselves, let's be honest here for a second: Doesn't every parent think that about their kids?

If Kim and Kanye think their kid is the second coming, hey, live and let live, man. But, it sounds more like this source is simply a little confused about what a doting parent is. Hopefully. 


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