John Stamos Goes Bare-Bottomed in Racy New Shoot – Have Mercy! (PHOTO)

John Stamos

Uncle Jesse fans, your time has come ... the Full House hottie John Stamos took the pants-optional route in a racy new photoshoot for Paper magazine. Y'all ready for this?


Actually, first, let's just remind ourselves that this man is 52 years old.

Ok, here you have it, ladies and gentlemen -- what Paper so aptly titled, The New Moon of John Stamos:

Wait, shouldn't that be the FULL moon?! ha! Get it? Full moon, like... okay never mind. Actually, what we mean to say is, we're shocked, shocked!

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We kid, we kid. It's just on the edge of shocking -- but all in good fun! And again, can you believe this is a 52-year-old? Remember when 50 used to be, you know, actually old? We're living in a new world, people!

In the interview, John confesses that posing naked for this shoot is the  "craziest thing" he's done all year. But, we have to say, if he really wants to get crazy ...  we can't help but wonder what the view looks like from OUTSIDE the window!

Oh Uncle Jesse. Never change!



Image via Splash News

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