Kate Middleton's Recent Girls Night Out Sounds Perfectly Lovely

Royalty needs to let loose sometimes, too. Kate Middleton had a girls' night with her sister Pippa and mom Carole recently for what surely was some much-needed downtime.


The tight-knit Middleton women met at Clos Maggiore restaurant in London's Covent Garden neighborhood to enjoy a girls only dinner. While they were reportedly perfectly content with dining amongst the other patrons, the restaurant gave them a private area to enjoy their evening.

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Considering how much we love engaging in a grownups-only meal with our best girlfriends, we can only imagine how happy Kate was to have a little time alone with her mom and sister. But, oh, to be a fly on the wall of that dinner table conversation.

With the holidays coming up, not only does Kate have major mom duty in the form of setting up Christmas for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but surely her work and social calendar is full of high-profile engagements. A duchess has to take her girls nights where she can get 'em.


Image via Ian Vogler/WPA-Pool

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