Kim Kardashian Can't Decide on a Baby Name So Twitter Did It for Her

Listen, if you don't put a little skip in your step and offer up a name for your celebrity baby pronto, social media is going to do it for you. Twitter has named Kim Kardashian's baby ... whether she likes it or not.


Overwhelmingly, folks think the little guy's name should be Easton West, as a hashtag with that moniker was trending this weekend. Previously Kim had mentioned she liked that name, but Kanye had rejected it.

Easton is a great name, but if they go with another one that even has a hint of direction to it, they're going to get clobbered in the media. It's just a fact. However, Kim and Kanye really need to reveal this name STAT because, well, inquiring minds want to know.

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Some of the Twitter comments about Easton West are just plain hilarious, and we think even Kim and Kanye would have a chuckle.

All we know for sure is that this kiddo's name is not South. Not now, not ever.

So as we sit and wait impatiently for the proud parents to release the baby's name, we'll just keep calling him Easton until then. After all, if Twitter says it's so, then that's what the name must be.


Image via Bauer-Griffin/ News

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