Duggar Family Worries Anna Is Being Exploited in Jill & Jessa’s Spin-Off

The Duggars are coming back to TV, and not everyone is happy about it -- including some members of the family. Jill and Jessa Duggar are starring in their own three-part special for TLC, and according to sources close to the former 19 Kids and Counting stars, the Duggar spinoff has become a media circus.


In fact, some people are even concerned that Jill and Jessa: Counting On is just exploiting their sister-in-law Anna Duggar, who has been dealing with the fallout from finding out that her husband and "spiritual leader" was the biggest hypocrite ever and a sex addict.

A source close to the Duggars revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the family thinks the special is "turning into a circus" and they "are disagreeing with a lot of what they are doing."

Specifically using the platform for Anna to speak out about the year from Hell she's had dealing with the public revelation of Josh's molestation scandal as a young teen, and then finding out that he cheated on her after he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack.

Josh is currently in a long-term, faith-based treatment facility, and reportedly wants to reconcile with Anna and renew their vows when he gets out, but she may have other plans.

Anna hasn't spoken publicly about her hubby cheating, but from the previews, it looks like she's finally going to get a chance to share her thoughts. "It was heartbreaking to hear what had happened," the emotional mom of four tells the cameras.

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Unfortunately, some other members feel that putting her onscreen "at a time like this" isn't prudent. The insider told ET that "certain members of the family are more focused on ratings and a paycheck than actually focusing on the issues at hand," and have chosen not to participate.

Not that I think she necessarily is, but who cares if Anna is focused on a paycheck? She's a 27-year-old single mom with no formal education and a disgraced husband. We don't know what her plans are going forward with her marriage, but they do need a source of income. Is that a problem for some people?

Besides, sharing her side of the story might be cathartic for her. She has a lot more support from fans than she knows, and hopefully she feels like she can get some peace about it.


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