Kylie Jenner & Tyga Give Kim Kardashian's Baby the Most Meaningful Gift

kylie jennerAunt Kylie and Uncle Tyga. Has a nice ring to it! No doubt, the minute Kim Kardashian gave birth, her friends and family all ran out to buy the little guy something special -- and evidently that includes "Uncle Tyga." According to a source, Kylie and Tyga bought Kim's baby the sweetest gift ever!


As soon as he found out Kim was in labor, Tyga, a father himself, went out and bought the newest West several gifts, including a "massive stuffed golden tiger teddy bear." Awww, so cute!

Perhaps what's more interesting, though, is what Tyga chose to write on the card. Instead of simply signing it from himself, Tyga wrote that the gift was from "Uncle Tyga and Aunt Kylie."

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There have been loads of reports lately, claiming that things aren't going well with Tyga and Kylie's relationship, but clearly things can't be too bad if he's signing baby gifts from "Uncle Tyga."

Whatever's going on with these two, surely they're both over the moon about Kim and Kanye's new baby. Babies always make everyone over-the-top excited and all loved up.

Congrats, Kim and Kanye! And, of course, congrats, Aunt Kylie ... and Uncle Tyga.


Image via Ordonez/papjuice/

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