Kate Middleton's Mum Gives Her Some Much Needed Holiday Advice

Kate MiddletonThe Duchess of Cambridge has one heck of a holiday role model -- her crafty mom, who is only too happy to give her some good advice during this stressful time of the year. Kate Middleton got a Christmas reminder from Carole Middleton about how she and Prince William should spend these special festive days with their little ones.


Carole, who is grandmother to 2-year-old George and 6-month-old Charlotte, already revealed that she plans on giving the kiddies a cool DIY Christmas filled with baking projects and crafts involving glitter, paper, and garland, but for the first time she also touched upon how she believes new parents should approach this time of year.

In a column she wrote for Baby London magazine, Carole stressed to parents that they shouldn't feel pressured to go overboard and attempt to make Christmas the most special day anyone has ever experienced in their lives. She wisely reminds us all (and I'm sure she had Kate in mind when she wrote it) that young children aren't exactly picky.

"Relax and enjoy baby's first Christmas," Carole wrote. "They won't remember it, but you'll have fond memories."

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Thank goodness for Carole and the other members of the Middleton family, all of whom probably help to keep Kate grounded. The pressure to keep up with the royals must be intense, especially during this time of year, when Kate can easily be criticized for something like dressing her daughter in a pretty dress and shooting her portrait all by herself. But Carole serves as a calming influence -- someone who is here to remind Kate that, at the end of the day (royal or not), her children are only going to remember the love they felt during Christmas, and not all of the pomp and circumstance that goes with high-profile holiday events.

Despite rumors that the royal family demanded Carole be seen and not heard since she was caught drinking wine at a rugby game, it doesn't seem like the matriarch is going anywhere -- and that's a good thing for Kate, who needs her in her corner.


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