Princess Charlotte's First Christmas May Be Overshadowed by Prince George

prince george prince williamThe Royals are preparing for a very special holiday -- it will be Princess Charlotte's first Christmas. But because 2-year-old Prince George knows what Christmas is all about, his antics may make it the Royals' most memorable holiday yet.


Prince William said that he doesn't anticipate getting any sleep on Christmas Eve because of all the excitement and the lure of unwrapping all the wrapping paper ... and not from his little girl. Babies tend not to get too excited about what's under the tree. They do love the lights and crinkling up paper. But they don't care much about what's inside. However, now that George is a bit older, he knows that it's not just about playing with that Santa-decorated paper -- there are gifts inside. More toys! What every toddler wants.

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And so Prince Will said that he hopes to get at least a little bit of sleep on Christmas Eve to prepare for the wildly adorable antics of his son. Sweet lil Prince George will be too excited "bouncing around like a rabbit" and waking up all through the night wondering if it's time. Once Santa does arrive, Will said, "We'll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them." I hope they take a ton of photos and share them with the world. Of course, not just of Prince George -- we need to see the sweet little Princess, too, even if she is unfazed by the day.

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Having little ones during the holidays is truly so sweet. Will is certainly thankful for his beautiful family and says how it is a whole different experience when you have a family of your own. It certainly is. Will can always take a nap on Christmas day. The kids probably will after all the excitement and at least an hour's worth of play.


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