Ryan Gosling Completely Lost It While Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' (VIDEO)

ryan gosling snlMany a Saturday Night Live host has fallen prey to Completely Breaking Character and Laughing Hysterically During a Sketch Syndrome, and Ryan Gosling is no different, as we learned last night! The Big Short star definitely got a few wicked cases of the giggles during his stint as host, but none quite so hilarious as his breakdown during an alien abduction skit starring the stellar Kate McKinnon.


In the skit, Gosling, McKinnon and Cecily Strong play alien abductees being interrogated by Bobby Moynihan and Aidy Bryant (who couldn't quite keep it together, either). And while Gosling did a fine job of playing his character, his real job was to keep a straight face while McKinnon did her thing ... and, well, just watch what happened:

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Nice try, Ryan! But there's just no possible way you could have kept your composure through that display of comedic genius. Kate McKinnon was ON FIRE. Seriously, this was by far one of the funniest sketches this season. And that crazy Canadian heartthrob (be sure to watch Gosling's monologue, as well) was lucky to be a part of it!


Image via Hulu

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