Caitlyn Jenner & Scott Disick Keep Bond Alive While Christmas Tree Shopping

scott disickScott Disick may be all the awful words many use to describe him, but the fact remains that he is a dad to three Kardashian kids and Caitlyn Jenner isn't about to forget that. Scott and Cait's strong bond is very evident during their outing to buy a Christmas tree.


Scott is the dad to Caitlyn's grandkids, and even though Scott and Kourtney aren't exactly on good terms right now as far as their love life is concerned, he is still a part of the family. I love that Caitlyn still welcomes him in her life -- it's really important for Scott's kids, Penelope, Mason, and Reign. And what better way to get in the holiday spirit for the kids, for the whole family, than to buy a Christmas tree. Of course, everything right now is overshadowed by the fact that Kim and Kanye had their baby boy, but we will try to resume as if it is somewhat is a typical day. 

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Cait reportedly has been very supportive of Scott over the years, always treating him like a son and was there for him when he was in rehab. And that support isn't just from Cait, it's from Kris Jenner as well, who just days ago gushed about how much she loves Scott. I mean, he did give her the first grandbabies, so ....

What does this all mean? Well, I think like Kourt, everyone is taking it day by day. Scott isn't off the hook for being a major jerk -- I think he realizes how much he messed up and keeps on messing up. Maybe there is hope for him and Kourt. 

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This doesn't exactly mean that Scott and Kourtney are back together, but it does mean that they as a family are bonded, and they need to be. There are three little kids involved and they need their dad's love as much as their mom's. I love the efforts they are all making. That tree Caitlyn and Scott picked out -- no matter whose house it ends up at -- is for those sweet little kids.


Image via Fern/Splash News

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