Selena Gomez Is Flirting With Yet Another Younger Man

selena gomezSelena Gomez said recently that she doesn't date older men because she thinks she looks too young -- could that be why she seems to have a thing for younger men? Because not only did the 23-year-old spend years in a relationship with 21-year-old Justin Bieber, she's also been flirting with 21-year-old hockey player Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals.


Wilson has a girlfriend, but apparently Gomez didn't know that when she started scrolling through the athlete's Instagram and liking posts. Whoops! Bet that girlfriend wasn't too happy to see Selena's stamp of approval all over her BF's page! And according to a "source," Selena was definitely trying to send a message with those "likes," because she thinks Wilson is "hot." Plus, "she's been flirting with other guys because of her situation with Justin and how he can't seem to commit to her."

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Aha! Trying to make the Biebs jealous, Selena? Considering that Bieber posted a throwback pic of himself and Selena in happier times the day after Selena's Wilson-liking spree, her efforts might be paying off. But is that really what anybody wants? Selena might not think she can date older men because she "looks 16," but that doesn't mean she needs to be with a guy whose maturity level also resembles that of a teen (or even tween). 

And it ALSO doesn't mean she has to seek out exclusively 21-year-old guys to flirt with! Wilson's probably out of the picture anyway for now, since he's not exactly single. So maybe Selena should make a rule for herself: Only like Instagram posts from hot famous guys who are at least 25 years old. Seriously, girlfriend -- take it from an older woman: Men take a looooong time to grow up. You don't want to be a babysitter!! Just think how great it'll be to find a guy who's got his head together!! 

Of course, nobody knows if Selena's taste in men really will take a turn for the mature anytime soon -- but we only have to watch her Instagram activity to find out!  


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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