Kylie Jenner Could Be Moving on Already -- With Tyga's Friend

kylie jennerKeeping Up With Kylie Jenner & Tyga's Relationship is getting to be pretty konfusing! First the 18-year-old reality star and her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend broke up, reportedly. Then they got back together, reportedly. Then the rapper moved out of her house, also reportedly, but that didn't mean that they broke up again. Now Kylie's been spotted out with another man!


Kylie was spotted out at Art Basel in Miami on Friday night with rapper A$AP Rocky, having dinner and hanging out -- just days after Tyga vacated her premises. Which doesn't necessarily mean anything has changed between Kylie and Tyga, because the two did apparently agree to "take some time" apart, but still. It does give one pause, right? Especially considering that Tyga and A$AP Rocky are pals -- and that Kylie and A$AP were also seen together on November 20. What about the bro code, A$AP?!

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Then again, A$AP isn't the only dude Kylie's been hanging with lately. She's also been seen with Justin Bieber -- on the same night in November when she partied with A$AP. So maybe Kylie's just ramping up her social life, doing the young and semi-single thing. Either way, here's hoping she sticks with the living-on-her-own thing for awhile -- a girl's gotta be independent, after all! When she's only 18, in particular.


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