Kylie Jenner Gets Picked On For 'Forgetting' Underwear (PHOTOS)

kylie jennerOops! Kylie forgot her underwear. Maybe. Okay, let's get real. She wore a dress that was just too tight for underwear. This is a meal skipping dress. A end of cleanse week dress. A no way you can eat a cheeseburger the night before dress. Or, in Kylie's case, a dress an 18-year-old can put on.


For GQ's Men of the Year Party, Kylie clearly (slightly sheerly) put on this jaw-dropping number. It's Balmain, of course -- a Kardashian fave. That zipper down the back!

kylie jennerYep. No underwear. Dang those flashbulbs sharing TMI.

Take a look at the side and front.

kylie jennerFront view confirms, no underwear.

This dress! WOW!

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Some outlets are picking on her again for "forgetting" those underwear. I think we should all leave her alone. I think this dress is hot. The woman is 18 -- she has it going on, so why not wear something like this?! And while I think most of us have no issue at all with a no bra situation, she did take it a step further and had to pass on the undies. She had to ... and that should be no big deal. It's really no one business if another person wears underwear or not. It's not hurting anyone else personally if Kylie skips the underoos. And while I would never wear a dress that made me have to skip panties, I'm not Kylie. More power to her!

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Contrary to Kylie, her on-again love Tyga was there with her, only he was in a turtleneck.

And for now, I'm going to look forward to Kylie's next wild and crazy fashion moment -- she's definitely keeping things interesting as we wait for Kim to have her second baby.


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News; Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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