Kim Kardashian's Second Baby Might Not Be Her Last (VIDEO)

Despite all of her gripes about pregnancy, Kim Kardashian may want to have a third baby after all. In a new Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip, the reality star drops the shocker on her mom Kris Jenner.


Kim has been incredibly open about how much she despises being pregnant. She's grateful she's been able to get pregnant, but those 9 months are rough. So you can only imagine how shocked Kris was to hear Kim suggest she might be up for a third baby.

Kris basically tells Kim to slow her roll and just get through having her second kiddo before she starts planning for any more. Wise words, KJ, wise words.

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We will seriously be so surprised if Kim decides to have a third child. Not that we're not totally intrigued by what an expanded Kardashian-West family would look like, she just looks so uncomfortable while pregnant. And considering she and Kanye still don't have a name for their baby boy, what on earth would they name a third kid? They would really have to start throwing around names right now.

Oh, Kim, always keeping us on our toes.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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