Kim Kardashian Busted for Faking 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Scenes

Reality television isn't exactly known for its tried-and-true honesty, so not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian was caught faking scenes for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Several websites are pointing out errors in the timeline of a recent episode.


RadarOnline noted that Kris Jenner is chastising Kim for overeating while pregnant when her daughter tells her she's getting ready to leave for Paris for maternity clothes fittings -- but the scene was clearly filmed after Kim had already been to Paris.

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How do they know? In the scene, she's wearing an outfit that she was caught by paparazzi in sometime in August. Her Instagram account shows she was in Paris for those fittings at the beginning of July.

So busted.

But seriously, people, this is called reality television for a reason. It's still television. Sometimes you've got to fill in a scene here or there to keep the storyline flowing and clearly there was a hole in this episode that needed fixing. We hardly think this is cause for alarm.

And if the Kardashians fake a scene or storyline to entertain us, who cares? We'll still settle in for a KUWTK marathon any day. It's entertainment, not a serious documentary. Let's keep that in mind before we throw stones.


Image via Splash News

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