Kim Kardashian Gets Fat Shamed by ... Herself

kim kardashianSheesh, Kim Kardashian is mean ... to herself! The gorgeous reality star recently fat-shamed herself in a blog post on her website. Kim said that she's "fat as f*ck" these days and that her "cankles are out of control." Geez, girl. Would you talk to a friend that way?


Kim also has been posting loads of #flashbackfriday and #throwbackthursday photos, talking about how she misses her "skinny days." The woman is nine months pregnant! She should give herself a little slack!

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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant. She's never been one to mince words when it comes to her disdain for the experience. And while being pregnant certainly isn't for everyone, there's no denying the fact that the very end is hard for everybody, no matter how much you enjoyed it. 

According to sources, Kim also is having a hard time sleeping right now, and she posted a message to Instagram a few days ago, saying that she has a sinus infection, as well as the flu. Sounds pretty terrible to me. 

Kim only has a few more weeks -- or maybe even days? -- to go. And once she gives birth, she'll be on her way to feeling more like herself.

And less "fat as f*ck," which should be nice.


Image via AXELLE WOUSSEN/ News

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