Kate Middleton Refuses to Dress Charlotte & George in British Clothes

It's easy as a parent to fall victim to temptation at the store and purchase trendy children's clothing because what little girl doesn't look adorable in a Boho lace dress and hippie bandana? But Kate Middleton is sticking to children's clothing from Spain for a very smart reason -- as a royal, she knows her kids' clothing has to be timeless, and she considers Spanish baby clothing classic.


Even though London is known for its cutting-edge fashion, Kate is reportedly not interested in dressing Charlotte and George like little fashionistas. Thanks in part to the influence of her Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, Kate has been turning more and more toward Spanish labels like Amaia Kids and m&h (which is where she purchased the sweet pink dress Charlotte wore in her latest portrait).

The reason? Simple: Spanish parents apparently prefer dressing their kids in more formal outfits -- nothing too frilly or fashion forward -- and Kate knows photos of George and Charlotte are going to stand the test of time. Naturally, she would prefer that they both be photographed wearing classic shirts, pants, and dresses made of quality material than, say, tutus and sweaters featuring skull faces and ironic messages.

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Kate also reportedly loves handmade clothing that can be traced back to a village or takes us back in time -- for example, the woolen bonnet her baby girl wore at her christening was gifted to her by her nanny, who purchased it from a family in northern Spain that has been making clothing for 82 years. And the second George was spotted at his little sister's baptism wearing red shorts and a red and white embroidered shirt, everyone knew he was paying homage to his dad, who wore a similar outfit when he was a toddler.

It may seem like Kate is being uptight or taking children's clothing way too seriously, but I think she's smart to look ahead and anticipate that the images captured of her little ones day are going to be analyzed decades -- maybe even centuries -- from now. She has a responsibility to preserve the integrity of the royal family and if she has stumbled upon Spanish clothing labels that serve up the classic looks she desires, then great -- there's no reason she shouldn't purchase outfits from them.

The proof is in the pudding: both Charlotte and George always look elegant and age appropriate. It's official: Kate has great taste and is thoughtful about her purchases.

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