Kylie Jenner Is Thrilled to Finally Have Tyga Out of Her Home

They may appear to be joined at the hip, but Kylie Jenner is stoked that boyfriend Tyga is moving out of her pad in Hidden Hills, California. Believe it or not, she wanted him to get his own place.


That's right, Tyga has finally left the building. This doesn't mean the two are broken up -- far from it -- but Kylie is reportedly totally comfortable living alone and is happy not to have a dude mucking up her home.

Apparently Tyga's move is so liberating for Kylie that she is actually more focused on her own career than ever, and you know what that means -- lip kits for all!

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Admittedly, we're pretty surprised by this turn of events. Kylie seemed awfully cozy playing house with her boyfriend, and it also seemed like she was keeping Tyga on a short leash. We're proud of her for realizing that maybe their living arrangement was a bit too much too soon.

Of course, we imagine Tyga will still be at Kylie's place a ton. The two are still very much together, so obviously they will continue to spend a lot of time with each other. But this move feels like a mature step in the right direction for the both of them.


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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