Anna Duggar May Be Turning to Reality TV So She Can Support Herself

The first of three new Duggar specials is set to air on December 13, and from the previews, it looks like we're finally going to hear from Anna Duggar. But it sounds like Josh's estranged wife isn't appearing just to support her in-laws -- but because Anna's trying to bank enough money to divorce him.


The 19 Kids and Counting spin-off Jill and Jessa: Counting On will focus on the two married Duggar daughters and how they're dealing with life after their big brother essentially ripped their family's livelihood to shreds, but it looks like their sister-in-law Anna will play a part too.

Josh put everyone in his inner circle through the wringer this year, first with the exposed police report outing him as having molested four of his sisters plus a babysitter as a young teen, and then being caught as a cheater in the Ashley Madison hack.

He called himself the biggest hypocrite ever, and is currently in a long-term rehabilitation center for his sex addiction. According to insiders, he is begging Anna to stay with him, and even wants to have a recommitment ceremony once he's released, but Anna isn't so sure.

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Not only have sources close to the reality star said she's considering the divorce option closely, but it turns out that that may be her main motivation for appearing on Jill and Jessa's show. Fashion & Style is reporting that she agreed to be filmed for financial reasons only, and that her ultimate goal is to save up enough to make it on her own.

Of course this is all just speculation, and I'm sure there are a lot of reasons Anna agreed to be on the show. To tell her side of the story, for one thing. Because she truly does love her extended family, and considers herself part of it.

Besides, even if she ultimately does decide to stay with Josh, it won't hurt to have some extra cash. It's not like he has a job to come back to.


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