Prince William Goes Christmas Caroling With Kate's Family -- Awww

There are few things that compare to that moment when you realize your spouse has become a bona fide member of your family -- the Duchess of Cambridge knows that feeling well. Prince William went Christmas caroling with Kate Middleton's family in London on Wednesday, but his lovely wife and children were nowhere to be found.


The 33-year-old prince joined a group of close friends, including Princess Charlotte's godfather Tom van Straubenzee, for a night of holiday cheer in an effort to raise money for a charity called the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, which was set up to commemorate a friend (and Tom's brother) who died in a car crash in 2002. Even though Kate stayed home with little George and Charlotte, William sang Christmas songs with Carole Middleton, Pippa, and other members of the Middleton family.

This is the seventh year Will and friends have gathered to raise funds for the charity, which supports education and schools in the African country of Uganda. Up until 2010, the year he and Kate got engaged, the royal couple attended the annual event together, but the duchess actually made an appearance without Will not long after they announced they were getting married. In other words: It's cool, they're secure enough in their relationship to attend events separately -- no need to jump to conclusions because Kate was missing in action.

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Will seems to really have bonded with Kate's family, and especially Pippa, with whom he has attended past events without Kate. It's really sweet of her mom and sister to step up and represent their family when Kate isn't feeling up to the challenge, most likely because she is exhausted from parenting and feels she is needed at home. William's friendly relationship with his in-laws proves he loves Kate so much that he considers her family an extension of his own. 

No word yet on how Queen Elizabeth feels about her grandson cavorting with commoners at a caroling event -- but it seems the prince doesn't give a fig what the royals think, and we love him even more for it.


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