Anna Duggar May Finally Be Taking a Stand in Her Marriage to Josh

Go Team Anna! Ever since Josh Duggar went away to a Christian rehab center to try to treat his sex addiction, many of us have been rooting for Anna to make her own decision regarding her marriage and to not feel pressured to stay with the father of her children because of other people. According to a new report, Anna Duggar is actually contemplating divorce from Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest child.


As much as I'd like her to kick that guy to the curb and be done with him, I want to be respectful of her feelings and wishes. It's her life, not mine, and if she feels like her marriage can be rebuilt with trust, honor, respect, and love, that's her decision to make.

I just don't want her to feel like she doesn't have a choice in the matter.

A source told In Touch that Anna has been stressed a lot recently, because her four young children miss their dad, and she's a full-time single parent now. Even though she's getting help from the Duggars, she's "still under a ton of pressure," and "contemplating divorce."

Meanwhile, Josh is keen on their renewing their vows in front of both families once he's rehabilitated. A source close to the family said, "He wants to have an elaborate ceremony as soon as he gets out of rehab and make it a really special occasion for Anna."

Maybe could have kept it in his pants and made every day a special day for his wife. Just saying.

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Josh has a lot of making up to do before he even contemplates a recommitment ceremony with Anna. He admitted to cheating on her multiple times, and may have possibly even engaged in "rough sex" with a prostitute. This isn't your run-of-the-mill one-night-stand story. Those are terrible too, don't get me wrong, but Josh obviously didn't just make a mistake one time.

I do believe that there are cases where a marriage can survive this level of infidelity, but it's very, very tough. And it's up to Anna if she wants to walk away and work on rebuilding her life her own way. Hopefully she doesn't forget that she does have options.


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