Lamar Odom's Recovery Stalls, Causing Fears He May Never Walk Again

lamar odomAs we remain hopeful that Lamar Odom will make a full recovery, new details have been revealed detailing how difficult it has been for him. There may be permanent brain damage and other issues making it very challenging for Lamar to walk on his own.


The 6'10" former basketball star is having a very hard time learning to walk again. You can't come out of an overdose, 12 strokes, and being hours from death unscathed. It's going to be a long road, perhaps even longer than anyone expects, and the sad fact is that Lamar may never be the same. 

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He has surprised many by his recovery so far, but that seems to have stalled. The 36-year-old can communicate and shows that he understands what is being said to him, but he has difficulty walking and is struggling with incontinence. Lamar has been a bit stubborn in this department and refuses to wear any kind of adult diaper to prevent an accident. I cannot imagine how painful this is for him, but I see hope. I see a man who is determined to overcome all of it. He has the will to live and the will to return to the Lamar he once was, and that is a fantastic thing. He isn't giving up on himself, and it's clear he has the love of many people, especially Khloe Kardashian, who isn't giving up on him either.

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I think we all need to stay in the spirit of Lamar -- don't give up on his recovery even when there are reports of how hard it will be. He can do it -- we all have to believe that.


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