Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly Disgusted by Kate's New Pics of Charlotte

Who would have thought taking photos of your beautiful baby was a "commoner" thing to do? Thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge and her rebellious ways, we're learning more about royal protocol every day: Queen Elizabeth is reportedly disgusted that Kate Middleton took photos of Princess Charlotte for the silliest reason ever.


Kensington Palace released two adorable pictures of 6-month-old Charlotte, who was captured at Anmer Hall wearing a sweet dress and pink cardigan while playing with a stuffed animal friend. They are beyond precious. And it's even sweeter to hear that Kate reportedly took the photos herself with her "professional-quality camera lens" — a nifty Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I mean, good for her, the duchess has serious hidden photo-taking skills, because both pics are perfection.

But the 89-year-old monarch reportedly has a bone to pick with the duchess because it is so middle class of her to pose Charlotte on a "shabby-chic" chair with a toy instead of forcing her to sit upright like a toy soldier while one of the palace's official photographers captures her image. Because everything Kate does is deemed as a power play these days, there's even talk that she made the call to release these DIY photos in order to anger Prince William's grandmother.

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Of course, it's also possible Kate believed her gorgeous little girl looked like a bundle of joy sitting in that chair and loved the idea of sharing an impromptu moment with the public. It's not as if she has made the call to fire professional photographers and rely solely on her own amateur talents — but it's lovely to see how she really is a hands-on a mom.

Rumors about Kate's reported feud with the Queen will, I guess, follow her forever, but I have a difficult time believing Elizabeth hasn't learned to pick and choose her battles a bit better than this. Are two lovely photos of her beautiful great-granddaughter truly a reason to get upset? I think she knows better than that.


Image via Splash News

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