Kris Jenner Professes Her Love for Scott Disick (PHOTO)

kris jennerGuess he's back in with the fam! On Tuesday, Kris Jenner expressed her love for Scott Disick on Instagram with a selfie and an over-the-top gushing message about her pseudo-son-in-law. It's really nice and all, but also ... weird. What on earth is going on here?


Here's the photo and love-fest. I'm so confused. 

"One of the true loves of my life"? That's a little aggressive, no?

I'm guessing that Scott is focusing on his recovery and taking care of himself, which is incredible. But ... does this photo mean he and Kourtney are back together? Or is Kris just showing her love for Scott and telling the world how proud she is of him?

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From the looks of things, Scott seems to slowly be making his way back into the Kardashian family. Since he's been out of rehab, he's already been spotted with Kourtney and he was pictured in the Kardashian-Jenner family Thanksgiving photo. 

It's nice to hear that -- right now -- everything is on the up and up with Scott. And glad to see Kris being so welcoming to him. That said, it's probably smart if Kourtney proceeds with caution. He hasn't been out of rehab that long. 


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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