Chris Rock & His Ex-Wife May Face 'Child Trafficking' Charges in Messy Adoption Case

Of all the weird child custody cases to come about from a divorce, this one is near the top. Chris Rock and his ex-wife may be facing "child trafficking" charges for the South African daughter who has lived with them for seven years.


South African police have gotten involved with 7-year-old Ntombi-futhi Samantha, who has lived with Rock and his wife Malaak Compton-Rock since she was 9 months old. She was brought to the family's $3 million New Jersey home in November 2008 on a tourist visa, but there's no record of an adoption taking place.

She's been on the red carpet, on family vacations, and has been attending school in the Garden State for three years. This hardly seems like a child trafficking case.

Regardless, the Rocks are being investigated by the Hawks team, an elite unit that covers high-profile crimes in South Africa. A detective on the team said that it sounds like a strange case to them, and that there hasn't been regular contact with the child's birth parents.

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They also have two other daughters, and Rock has remained in contact with them, but not Ntombi since the couple split a year ago. A rep for Compton-Rock said that she's currently in the process of adopting her. The statement said that she "has been raised by the parties as a member of the family and has been solely supported by the parties."

It seems like this is such a bizarre case to be launching an investigation into when there are countless children all over the globe who are real victims of child trafficking, and for much more nefarious purposes than to be taken to NBA games.

Hopefully this gets settled easily. Adoption is wonderful, and it looks like the only thing out of order here is the paperwork.


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