This Jessica Simpson Pic Is Going to Make You Stop, Drop & Lunge (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonRemember back when Jessica Simpson first had her babies and everyone was on her case all the time about getting back in shape? Well, those days are looooong gone, if the star's latest Instagram post is any indication. Girlfriend has a booty that just won't quit, y'all!!


Simpson's been getting lots of attention lately for her insanely toned legs, but the new ad for her activewear line, The Warm Up, proves that her backside is just as toned (and then some). Seriously, if lunges (reportedly Simpson's favorite exercise) really do give you a booty like this? Well, then, BRB GOING TO DO SOME LUNGES. Check it out: 

Lunge your bunz into @macys and get The Warm Up by @jessicasimpsonstyle #macysexclusive

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Um, whaaaaa?! FIERCE. You hear me, Jessica? Fierce! Nobody'll ever, ever throw shade at Simpson for being out of shape again. Her transformation over the past couple of years has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. And just in case you haven't seen enough of those infamous legs, get a good look at these calves:

Introducing Jessica Simpson The Warm Up! Available at @macys #jessicasimpson #thewarmup #active

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Yup, all of Simpson's healthy eating and exercise habits have paid off, big-time! As she explained the inspiration behind her new workout line, "Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me, and fitness has been a priority in my life since having my kids. Everything we do in the line comes from an organic place."

Well, wherever it's coming from, it's definitely the right place!


Image via Splash News 

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