19 Times Kate Middleton Was So Over the Whole Royal Thing

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Prince William Kate Middleton
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As the Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton attends one glamorous event after another. But just because she gets to hang with the queen (and her husband Prince William) or meet some of the most famous Brits out there doesn't mean she isn't tempted to crawl into bed with a pint of ice cream and turn on the TV. She is human, after all. So, we're here to tell you, that even the classy and poised Kate Middleton gets sick of it all sometimes. 


Being a duchess sounds like a sweet gig, but sometimes Kate seems totally over it. Endless events, dinners, and luncheons would get old after a while, so can we really blame her? Absolutely not. Belonging to the royal family means that you're pretty much always on the job, so when does our poor Kate get a break?

Well, we hope her and William get a little time to themselves, but by the look on Kate's face at some of their royal events, it seems unlikely. 

Sometimes it's tough to even force a smile, and we understand, Kate. We really do. Unfortunately, since she's a duchess and married to one of the most famous princes in the world, there are cameras everywhere to catch Kate's most "done" facial expressions. So, enjoy all of the moments our duchess Kate looked so over this whole being a royal thing. 

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