30 Times Kate Middleton Was So Over the Whole Royal Thing

30 Times Kate Middleton Was So Over the Whole Royal Thing
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Prince William Kate Middleton
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As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton attends one glamorous event after another. But just because she gets to hang with Queen Elizabeth (and her husband Prince William) or meet some of the most famous Brits out there doesn't mean she isn't tempted to crawl into bed with a pint of ice cream and turn on the TV. She is human, after all. So, we're here to tell you, that even the classy and poised Kate Middleton gets sick of it all sometimes. 

Being a duchess sounds like a sweet gig, but sometimes Kate seems totally over it. Endless events, dinners, and luncheons would get old after a while, so can we really blame her? Absolutely not. Belonging to the royal family means that you're pretty much always on the job, so when does our poor Kate get a break?

Well, we hope she and William get a little time to themselves, but by the look on Kate's face at some of their royal events, it seems unlikely. 

Sometimes it's tough to even force a smile, and we understand, Kate. We really do. Unfortunately, since she's a duchess and married to one of the most famous princes in the world, there are cameras everywhere to catch Kate's most "done" facial expressions. So, enjoy all of the moments our duchess Kate looked so over this whole being a royal thing. 

  • Belle of the Bond

    Prince William, Kate Middleton
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    Sure, the Spectre premiere is a girl's dream come true, but Kate looks like she's dreaming of sweatpants and a pint of Haagen-Dazs. We can't deny that she looks beautiful here (doesn't she always, especially during a formal event?) but she does look like she's just about ready to leave. Red carpets can be awkward! 

  • Flat Footed

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
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    Flats. Kate's totally dreaming of flats here. How do we know? Well, first of all, it's easy to tell just by the expression on her face -- she looks so over it. Also, any woman knows that wearing heels like that out on a rainy day is practically asking to take a tumble in front of everyone ... and the world is watching this lady every minute of every day.

  • State Dinner

    Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth
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    State dinners must be cool ... the first five times, anyway. After a while, we imagine they start getting old. And in general, Kate looks super uncomfortable here -- especially with the way she's dressed. She doesn't wear it every day, but we imagine that the tiara is starting to get heavy. Someone please relieve this woman of her headwear! 

  • The Little Prince

    Kate Middleton, Prince George
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    Kate usually gets all dolled up for formal events, but on more casual events (especially occasions where she's out in public with her kids), she gets to dress down. But even wearing jeans doesn't solve an energetic kid who's at the perfect age to start exploring everything. Chasing a toddler through a park is no fun, even if that toddler is the future King of England.

  • Hats Off

    Kate Middleton
    WeirPhotos / Splash News

    Yoga pants or a giant hat that probably hurts your head? Yup, yoga pants always win -- and in this photo, it's clear that's exactly what Kate's thinking, just by looking at that grumpy expression on her face. That hat looks a little uncomfortable and heavy, and being that Kate is usually smiling, it's a big deal that she's letting that crankiness show.

  • Hairy Situation

    Kate Middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate seems to be perfectly put together and polished 99% of the time, but once in a while, that remaining 1% ends up being caught on camera. Even Kate Middleton has moments when she's not picture-perfect, and it looks like this just might be one of those moments where she's wishing the cameras weren't around.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Kate Middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Bored still looks glamorous on Kate Middleton -- but is she bored, or just exhausted? We're willing to bet that she's pretty tired, because as far as we can tell, she has a life that never stops, and not much downtime, either. Give her 10 minutes at an event on a day where she's running on zero sleep, and we're willing to bet this is the face we get.

  • Going Nuts

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    While visiting a children's center, Kate looks like she's just one smile and wave away from losing it ... not that we blame her, of course. Don't get us wrong -- we know Kate adores children, especially her own three at home -- but no matter what the royal engagement might be, everyone gets tired of going to work.

  • Take a Seat

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    Is Kate taking her own pulse, or just wondering when she gets to sit down? Honestly, it could be a little bit of both. It looks like she's out on a pretty cold day, so we'd bet she's ready to go inside, and possibly change into clothes are a bit more functional than just pretty. The pressure of trying not to get a white coat dirty, right?

  • Domestic Bliss

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Splash News

    Kate looks annoyed. Possible sources of her annoyance: William left the seat up on the royal throne, William can't remember where he left his keys to the castle, or William went to Costco and came back with nothing on the list. Either way, it looks like she's beyond over whatever her husband has been up to that day.

  • She's Got Balls

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    James Whatling / Splash News

    Sure, meeting Jay-Z and Beyoncé was fun, but Kate's probably wondering why she has to stay for the whole basketball game as well. Then again, we could totally be misreading the look on her face for concentration on the game ... but we're willing to bet she's ready to hit the road. Maybe even a little bit of both?

  • Heat Wave

    Kate Middleton
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    Hey, what pregnant lady wouldn't want to stand in the hot sun wearing a dress and heels to watch tennis? Actually, none. Whenever Kate's at a sporting event (especially one like Wimbledon), she always looks her best, but we'd imagine she'd rather be wearing leggings and a T-shirt (or maybe even some shorts) if she's going to be outside like this. 

  • She's Got the Blues

    Kate Middleton
    Arthur Edwards/Sun/GoffPhotos.co/Splash News

    First, let's state the obvious: Kate looks incredible here, right? The dress and the shoes are gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as a pair of sweats and a comfy chair. We're sure both were calling her name the second she got home from this event. That's OK, though, because one of the best parts of a night out is the part where you get to come home and take your fancy clothes and makeup off. 

  • Four Eyes

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    Sunglasses are the perfect way to hide that fact that you're actually napping at Wimbledon. Genius! We're not sure if Kate is in full on nap mode here or not, but she's looking pretty comfy. We have a feeling the way to do Wimbledon is the way a member of the royal family does it, even if she does look positively bored.

  • Flower Girl

    Kate Middleton
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Everyone loves to get flowers -- that's a known fact. But we have a feeling it's a little different when those flowers come from total strangers ... and this is what happens to Kate just about any time she makes any kind of public appearance. It has to get at least a little exhausting, right? Only 4,000 more flower bouquets to go.

  • Child Antics

    Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
    Splash News

    Kate isn't finding her daughter's behavior as cute as we do, but that's pretty much true of any mom and her cheeky kid. The Trooping of the Colour is an important event in honor of Queen Elizabeth's birthday, and it requires the whole family standing out on that balcony. We have a feeling that it gets old, especially if her kids are misbehaving.

  • Safety First

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    Kate looks like she's saying, "remind me why I have to wear this hard hat again?" Of course, if she's going to be making an appearance that requires a hard hat, safety is what comes first -- and she's lucky she looks cute wearing it. But we truly do have a feeling that Kate probably isn't thrilled that the hat is squishing her hair.

  • Family Love

    Prince William Kate Middleton Prince Harry
    Splash News

    That moment when you're stuck at a royal event and both your husband and brother-in-law are ignoring you. That's gotta be fun, right? Of course, we know that these three definitely love each other, but it's kind of funny to see Kate looking so bored while sitting in between them like this. Give that lady some attention! 

  • Walking Solo

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    Another day, another uncomfortable hat -- but as far as we can tell, for Kate, that's a pretty normal occurrence. At this point, wearing large, likely heavy hats is just part of the responsibilities that come with being a part of the royal family. On one hand, at least she looks good in them. On the other hand, hats like this totally have to give her a headache.

  • Easter at Windsor

    Kate Middleton
    Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    Considering that she's a mom of three littles, we bet she's wondering how crazy the kids are going to be later from all the Easter candy they likely consumed. And as part of the royal family, we know that means never fully getting to enjoy a holiday in exactly the way she'd like to spend it with her husband and kids. 

  • A Somber Occassion

    Kate Middleton
    Victoria Jones/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    We can't blame Kate for being solemn during the 2019 ANZAC Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. It's a day in honor of Australians and New Zealanders who died during war and conflict. But we do know that events like these probably do tend to drag on. If she's bored, it's only because she's human.

  • Just Keep Smiling

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Sorry Kate, that looks a bit more like a grimace to us! And we totally get it. Listen, we've all had to put on a fake smile at work (more often than we'd like to admit...) so we'd assume that the duchess has to do the same from time to time, even though her job is being a member of the royal family. She's human. It happens! It's just a bummer that it also ends up getting caught on camera. 

  • Can't I Stay in the Car?

    Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth
    Joe Maher/Getty Images

    During a solo outing with Queen Elizabeth in 2019, Kate looked like she briefly contemplated just staying in the back seat -- not that we blame her. How many times have we gotten to work ... or an obligation ... or the gym ... and just decided hat maybe we'd just rather skip it? The queen is always ready when duty calls, but we can't blame Kate if she needs a day off! 

  • They Could Both Use a Drink

    Prince William, Kate Middleton
    Gareth Fuller/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Hey, royal life is tough -- actually, regular, nonroyal life is tough, too. Even Queen Elizabeth reportedly drinks four alcoholic beverages a day. Drink up, Will and Kate, because now that Meghan and Harry have stepped down as senior royals, we have a feeling their responsibilities are about to rapidly increase real quick.

  • Not Helping Those Feud Rumors

    Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
    Richard Pohle/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Kate clearly was not feeling it while standing near her sister-in-law Meghan Markle during the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March 2019. Despite the fact that the Duchess of Sussex looked chipper as can be, Kate was obviously not into it. We're not convinced her expression has anything to do with Meghan, though. This lady is under a lot of stress! 

  • This Meeting Should Have Been an Email

    Prince William, Kate Middleton
    Charlotte Graham/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Kate looks like she's counting the minutes until she can get out of this meeting and back to the palace for tea -- not that we blame her. Meetings can be very boring, and it looks like she's been listening to William talk for long enough. Then again, this may just be what a normal day in her marriage looks like for her.

  • The Eyebrows Say It All

    Kate Middleton
    Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Kate's lifted eyebrow has us wondering if she's thinking, "What the heck am I listening to right now?" If only we could have been a fly on the wall during whatever's going on here, because as far as we can tell, it seems like Kate wholly disapproves ... or she's thinking about what she wants to eat for lunch later.

  • Scotland in January

    Kate Middleton
    Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

    She's probably asking herself if royal duties are really that important, or if she can disappear to the Maldives for the entire winter. Of course, we can't deny that this lady looks good in a little tartan, but it also looks like she's freezing her royal butt off. Someone let this woman go inside and warm up with a hot chocolate! 

  • Stepping Out at Christmas

    Kate Middleton
    Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    Kate would clearly rather be home by the Christmas tree and a cozy fireplace, than stepping out for church at the Sandringham estate. This is yet another one of those occasions where royal holidays are certainly not what they're cracked up to be, because Christmas mornings should be about PJs, not cold outings.

  • Totally Over It

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    We're sure Kate actually loves her life as a member of the royal family, but it's got to be exhausting at times. We don't blame her for being over it from time to time, because that's something that happens to us all, no matter how happy we are in general. Kate might be a duchess, but she's also human, and that's one of the reasons why we love her.

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