18 of Kate Middleton's Most Glamorous Updos

Image: Splash News

Kate Middleton
Splash News

Not only does Kate Middleton have impeccable style and a body to die for, but she also has picture-perfect hair. Long before she was even a duchess, Kate has had super shiny, silky, and out-of-this-world locks. Her hair looks amazing when she wears it down, but thanks for her many royal obligations, we've had the pleasure of seeing her rock some pretty spectacular up-dos. We aren't complaining!

Yup, the Duchess never has a hair out of place. Sure, she has a glam team keeping her camera ready, but Kate's the Queen of hair!  And although we love her long flowing locks, she can rock an up-do like nobody's business. She's tried them all, too. Elegant buns, twists, chignons -- you name it, she's killed it. 

But do we really expect anything less of our Kate? No, not at all. Even when she was still new to this whole royal thing, she wowed with her hairstyles. We aren't expecting that Kate will reveal her haircare routine anytime soon, but we refuse to give up hope. 

It's hard to imagine anyone being born to be a royal, but we think that Kate most certainly was. Or at least she definitely has the hair of one. Just take a look and you'll see. Enjoy all the times the Duchess of Cambridge put all other updos to shame!

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