Mary-Kate Olsen Marries Boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy in 'Intimate' Ceremony at Home

mary kate olsen, olivier sarkozyCongratulations to Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy! After getting engaged back in February of 2014, the couple finally got hitched on Friday night at their NYC home in what's being called an "intimate" ceremony. In fact, the 50 or so guests were required to turn in their cell phones at the door!


It's sort of surprising that they only had around 50 people, right? I mean, these two certainly have the means to have the most extravagant wedding ever (seriously -- 29-year-old former child star/mogul Olsen and 46-year-old French banker Sarkozy are both among the world's wealthiest people). Then again, despite leading a highly public life pretty much since birth, Mary-Kate has never seemed to particularly enjoy the spotlight. So maybe it makes sense that she wanted to keep her nuptials low key. 

"Intimate" or not, it definitely sounds like the wedding was a classy, if somewhat eccentrically European, affair: After cocktails in the garden, guests went inside the (no doubt gorgeous) home for dinner, and the "decor" consisted of "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes."

"Everyone smoked the whole night,” a source told Page Six.

Gauloises, we assume? "Bowls and bowls of cigarettes." Wow. It really makes you wonder what kind of bowls they were, doesn't it? Expensive bowls, for sure. It's not like M.K. and Olivier were dumping cartons of cigs into cereal bowls from IKEA for their wedding. This was their wedding, after all! Definitely they used bowls you can only get in France. Maybe made out of platinum. Or diamonds. Or both. Maybe "cigarette bowls" were even on the wedding registry!

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Anyway. Here's to a long and wonderfully happy marriage, you crazy kids! Can't wait to see pics of the dress!


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