Kate Middleton Shares Adorable New Pics of Princess Charlotte (PHOTOS)

kate middletonThe best thing about cute babies is that they just keep getting cuter and cuter -- and that seems to be especially true of adorable royal nugget Princess Charlotte! She's been a stunner since day one, but new pics released by Kensington Palace (and taken by none other than mom Kate Middleton) prove the little girl is growing more lovely by the minute!


Believe it or not, Charlotte is already 6 months old, and she seems to be right on track: sitting up, smiling, and getting a good laugh out of her favorite snuggly toy. Check it out:

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Awwww!!! How sweet is she? And I just love that Kate snapped these pics herself. The 33-year-old really does seem like a hands-on mom, even though she of course has access to probably the best childcare in the world. And why wouldn't she want to spend time with that precious baby?? 

Of course, the real question is this: Which parent does Charlotte resemble more, mom Kate or dad William? Hard to say at this point, but I'd have to go with Kate. Which is sort of perfect, considering how much 2-year-old Prince George looks like his daddy. One of each!! 


Image via Splash News

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