Khloe Kardashian Reveals What Keeps Her Going During Tough Times

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Khloe Kardashian has had a bit of a rough year -- in fact, she recently called 2015 the "worst year of her life". So it only stands to reason that the 31-year-old star would have figured out a few successful coping skills in recent months, and now she's opening up about what helps her to feel better when she's "down in the dumps" (hint: It's not always the gym!).


When asked by a fan on Twitter what "keeps her going" when she's feeling low, the super-fit Strong Looks Better Naked author was delightfully (and relatably!) honest:

"Sometimes a little bit of ice cream helps," she admitted.

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You know it, girl! But of course Khloe wasn't going to limit her advice to a Ben & Jerry's prescription. She continued: 

"But you know what, music is a mood-changer. If I'm sad and I'm going to listen to something sad, a love song or whatever, I'm just gonna be sadder and cry. And sometimes you need a good cry but you cannot sit balled up in a corner and just 'Oh, woe is me.' Everyone is allowed to have their day, everyone's allowed to feel bad, but you've got to get over it. You've got to get up. Go to the gym, get some endorphins going in you."

Sounds like Khloe has definitely figured out a balance of self-care and self-indulgence that works for her! And while it's sad that she had to go through such a hard time (which she's actually still going through), it's clear that she's growing so much as a result. Still, personal growth aside, let's hope Khloe's life calms down a bit in 2016. A gal can learn from positive experiences too, after all!


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