Neil Patrick Harris Shares Hilarious Pic of His Twins With Questionable Carrots (PHOTO)

neil patrick harris

Neil Patrick Harris is on the list of celebrities I wish I was friends with -- he seems so down to earth and fun to be around. Plus, he's hilarious. The dad of 5-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon, took to Instagram to show off his funny with a picture of his kids holding carrots that had some anatomical features.


Some carrots have a penis. Some do not. OMG!

NPH said of the photo of his kids with husband David Burtka, "Teaching our children both cooking and, apparently, biology."

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How adorable are these kids?! How funny are those carrots?!

Look, I know it's silly humor, but we have to stop and laugh at these happy little accidents that happen in life. And then, of course, take out our phones and snap a photo of it and then post it on Instagram. Exactly what NPH has done. I'm so thankful for that, too. I was kind of getting tired of the photos of people carving turkeys. A carrot with a penis is much more exciting.

Don't take that the wrong way.

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No matter what, we have to find the joy, the happy, the silly moments in life and embrace them. Thank you NPH for sharing that. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm going to look at carrots a little more closely when buying produce. You never know what kind of jewels you may find.


Image via Splash News

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