John Stamos Shares 80s Prom Photo We'll Never Forget

john stamosJohn Stamos is an all-around handsome guy who doesn't seem to age and only gets more handsome by the day. But let's stop and remember that he lived through the 80s and didn't escape the wacky hairstyles from that era. Proof is in Stamos' epic throwback photo from his prom.


John Stamos just made our day. I mean ... it's so ... oh my goodness that hair! That suit! That look on his face!

#TBT #Prom #Hair.

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No one survived the 80s without at least one photo like this. This look was all the rage back then and while it's hard to believe that John Stamos is 52 years old, he lived through some seriously insane fashion times.

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That feathered hair is so amazing. I'd love to see more throwback photos from John on Instagram. Maybe they could incorporate them in those yogurt commercials he does. Maybe Rob Lowe (another man in his early 50s who doesn't seem to age) can share his prom photos from the same time and we can compare 80s hotness.

Yes, I still find him cute. Then. Now. It's John Stamos! A living vampire!

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The man who so famously played Uncle Jesse claims he was "lame" and "dorky" in high school is confusing us a little. Because even though we can laugh at this photo for years to come, this was what cool looked like back then. He's got the hair, the slick suit, the girl, and that look on his face. No matter what, we hope he continues with more #tbts. Have mercy!


Image via Roshan Perera/Splash News

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