Miranda Lambert Is Dealing With Divorce Way Differently Than Ex Blake Shelton

miranda lambertWhile Blake Shelton is moving on from his divorce with a high-profile romance with Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert is handling things very differently. Miranda revealed she isn't interested in having a love life right now and finds comfort in crying and whiskey.


I'm not bashing Blake for moving on -- things happen and we can't control when we meet people or find a spark with someone. Still, it's hard to hear the pain Miranda is going through. She is dealing with the end of her marriage and having to hear about her ex and his new girlfriend thanks to being a celebrity. 

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When talking to Cosmo magazine about her split, Miranda did say that she and Blake gave it their best "college try." I suppose they didn't give up until it was clear it was over. And relationships do end and it doesn't have to mean the people involved are terrible beings who didn't try to make things work. It still hurts to hear that Miranda is struggling and has spent nights on her porch "crying, drinking whiskey, and going, 'Man, this sucks right now.'" I hope she had her guitar and pen and paper because that could make an ultimate country song.

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But her best medicine does seem to be in performing and while she is on stage. She also has nothing be sweet things to say about her ex and the relationship they had. She said she had a "great relationship with an amazing man." I can't help but feel her pain through those words. Divorce is a process and I don't just mean with lawyers and paperwork. Each week, Miranda may feel a different emotion, even months later feelings may creep in and make her question everything. Blake will most likely experience this, too. And I truly wish them both nothing but healing. Especially Miranda.


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